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Musical Biography:

As a bassist, songwriter, arranger, music instructor, independent promotions, marketing and events coordinator and disc jockey, Johnee truly lives for the music.

Johnee has spent 30+ years developing his trademark bass style while recording and touring with national original acts 1000 Pleasures (a 1994 MN Music Academy Rock Album of the Year nominee and Top 10 CMJ Artist), Rainmaker (worldwide distribution - 1996 to present) and Sugarslide (Top 10 online mp3 downloads in 2001). Having spent many weeks on the CMJ (College Music Journal) national radio charts and racking up impressive worldwide independent album sales plus interest with a string of Top 10 internet MP3 downloads qualifies him as no stranger to the music industry.

Johnee has been inspired musically by classic melodic progressive rock acts like Journey, Led Zeppelin and The Electric Boys ('anything with groove') and yet an avid follower in the turning of the musical tides of modern music have helped him develop and deliver the means to give the perfect shape and color to his unique style of writing and live performance.

As an artist, Johnee is currently a Spector Bass endorsee and ASCAP member with ZaZa MusicWorks publishing.
When not writing, recording or playing live, he owns Johnee D’Shea Entertainment, an independent mobile Disc Jockey entertainment company.

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Going Off the Rails...

Johnee was destined to be a bassist at 12 years old - by mistake.
After hearing the song "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne's 'Blizzard of Ozz' band in 1980, Johnee asked his cousin (a guitarist) who were the musicians playing on that song. Johnee misunderstood the reply and thought the bass lines were being played by a musical mastermind named Randy Rhoads, not knowing at the time that Randy was, in fact, the lead guitarist of the group. It was Bob Daisley's bass lines that captured his musical senses and set him on course to follow his dreams in music.
He still holds Randy's energy, character and showmanship as his standard in performance.
Randy's brother, Kelle Rhoads, and Johnee communicate often and consider each other a good friend...


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